Past Performances

Spring 2023 – Parade of States

Thu, May 11 2023
This season's concert featured the state songs of 8 different states, including Oklahoma, Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Connecticut, and of course, Georgia. As an added bonus, some of our singers presented a little bit of trivia or personal thoughts about each of these states.

Fall 2022 - Christmas Comes Anew

Sat, Dec 10 2022
After many months of lockdowns, supply shortages, and all of the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic, KSUCAC welcomed the opportunity to join together and sing again. Our first concert was filled with a lot of familiar holiday carols, but not the way you know them. We were delighted to prove that we still love to Sing Our Hearts Out!

Fall 2019 - Love Came Down At Christmas

Thu, Dec 12 2019
Love Came Down At Christmas
Love Came Down At Christmas welcomed Dr. Reid Masters as the new artistic director of the KSUCAC. The concert featured guest baritone Michael Dauterman, along with The Vega Quartet, the Quartet-in-Residence at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Spring 2019 – For a Breath of Ecstasy

Sat, May 4 2019
Love Came Down At Christmas
The feature piece of this performance was Michael John Trotta’s For a Breath of Ecstasy, based on poems by Sara Teasdale. An American poet, Teasdale won the first Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 1918.

Fall 2018 – International Carol Suites

Sat, Dec 8 2018
International Carol Suites was a holiday celebration that featured well-loved carols from fifteen countries, many of which were sung in their original language.

Spring 2018 – Pasaporte de las Américas

Sat, May 5 2018
On this Cince de Mayo performance, we sang a collection of songs from throughout North and South America. Among distinction was the Misa Criolla, composed by Ariel Ramírez. This performance included a variety of percussion and guitars commonly heard throughout South American music.

Fall 2017 – Here We Come A’Caroling

Mon, Dec 11 2017
Here We Come A'Caroling
In a performance that almost didn’t happen thanks to a record breaking snowfall in the area, the KSUCAC performed on Monday, December 11 a variety of holiday tunes and even included the audience in part of the performance.

Spring 2017 – 10 Year Anniversary Concert

Sat, Apr 29 2017
Celebrating 10 years of music and singing, this performance featured Requiem For the Living by Dan Forrest (yes, that’s right, a Requiem!), along with a selection of favorites from the past 10 years.

Fall 2016 – A Season of Celebration

Sat, Dec 10 2016
In the KSUCAC’s 10th year, this performance looked back at previous holiday celebrations, and threw in a little Vivaldi for good "measure."

Spring 2016 – Songs of Humanity

Sat, Apr 30 2016
Songs Of Humanity
There’s a Time to Laugh, a Time to Cry, and a Time for Singing: Songs of Humanity.

Fall 2015 – Christmas Story Conveyed Through Song

Sat, Dec 5 2015
"Christmas Story Conveyed Through Song" told a heartwarming story of the memories of Christmas time, the time spent with loved ones, and the reason for the season.

Spring 2015 - Illumination

Sat, Apr 25 2015
“Illumination” was a collaborative concert that brought together the voices of the KSUCAC, the KSU Men’s Ensemble, and the KSU Chamber Singers, filling the stage with over 150 voices, and for the first time, graced the Morgan Concert Hall with the sound and beauty of an organ.

Fall 2014 – Messiah

Sat, Dec 6 2014
Messiah Concert
>The highlight of the Fall 2014 performance was the full performance of Messiah by George Frideric Handel, written in 1741. This performance has featured several renowned performers on the Kennesaw State University campus, including Jana Young (soprano), Jennifer Olenic (mezzo-soprano), Richard Kosowski (tenor), and KSU Professor Oral Moses (bass-baritone).

Spring 2014 - In the Merry Month of May

Sat, May 3 2014
In the Merry Month of May small image
In the Merry Month of May" featured a selection of English Folk Songs, and also included John Rutter's Requiem

Fall 2013 – Twas the Night

Sat, Dec 7 2013
Twas the Night small image
"Twas the Night" presented a selection of holiday classics and featured a harp accompaniment by Julie Albertson.

Spring 2013 – A Celebration of American Music: From Classics to Broadway

Sat, May 4 2013
A Celebration of American Music icon
"A Celebration of American Music: From Classics to Broadway" featured a variety of well-known pieces from popular Broadway shows and American culture.

Fall 2012 – Dear Santa

Sat, Dec 1 2012
Parade of States Icon
"Dear Santa" was the theme for the Fall 2012 Holiday concert, sharing letters and music in the spirit of Christmas.

Spring 2012 – Anniversary – Celebrating Five Years in Song

Sat, Apr 14 2012
Celebrating five years of performances, the Spring 2012 Anniversary Concert included many favorites from past performances.

Fall 2011 – Hallelujah

Sat, Dec 3 2011
The Fall 2011 Concert, "Hallelujah", included selections from Handel's Messiah, Vivaldi's Gloria, and other traditional holiday favorites.

Spring 2011 – OMG!

Sat, Apr 16 2011
The Spring 2011 Concert, "OMG!" was a collection of Oratorios, Madrigals, and Gospel.

Fall 2010 – Joy!

Sat, Dec 4 2010
The Holiday 2010 Concert, "Joy!" featured a variety of holiday selections.
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